Dr Lydia Bird BN, RGN, MSc, PhD

A Nutrition Advisor - I am passionate about the impact that nutrition has on health. I have a masters degree in clinical nutrition from the University of Nottingham and ensure that my advice is always based on sound scientific principles and good quality research evidence. 

A Health Coach - I enjoy meeting and spending time with people, helping individuals to achieve their own goals and aspirations. I do not promote a simplistic uniform approach but work with people to find solutions that work for them.

A Food Lover - I love food, I love cooking and I love long indulgent dinners with family and friends. Eating well doesn't mean missing out. I don't advise a dull restrictive diet regime, but instead help people to develop life long healthy eating habits that are both sustainable and enjoyable. 

A Former Nurse - I have clinical experience of working in hospital and the community, providing care to people with a variety of nutrition related illnesses including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

An Academic Researcher - I have a PhD from the University of Nottingham and with 12 years research experience I am able to understand and critique the latest evidence in order to bring recent developments to my clients and navigate them through the many false reports and unsubstantiated claims that abound in the nutrition and weight loss industries. I have worked alongside public health experts in Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups, reviewing existing weight management services in the East Midlands and making recommendations for further service improvement.

"Following Lydia's advice, I feel in control of my eating for the first time in years" Ruth 

"Lydia recommended I see my GP as she thought I was anaemic,  she was right and after taking iron (prescribed by my GP) and making dietary changes (recommended by Lydia), I am no-longer exhausted and have so much more energy. It has changed my life". Leonora

"I have been working with Lydia for a couple of months now, as I want help to lose weight (about 8 stone). Lydia has helped me to understand why my previous diets have failed and how I can safely and steadily lose weight without being hungry and grumpy! The one to one approach that Lydia provides is exactly what I needed to understand my own personal relationship with food and set achievable goals that are tailored to my specific needs." Sarah