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What you can expect from a nutrition consultation with me? 

Every consultation is different but the following principles are central to the way I work.

Respect, dignity and confidentiality. You can share as much or as little, as you wish secure in the knowledge that my approach is non-judgmental, confidential and supportive. 

Positivity and encouragement. I don't tell people off or shame anyone in to making changes to their eating patterns. Long term change is achieved when people feel good about themselves and are encouraged to believe that change is achievable. 

Evidence and science. The advice I give will always be based on the best available evidence. So that you can have complete confidence in that, I never sell or have affiliated links to any products or nutritional supplements.   

What will happen before your appointment?

You will be emailed a health and well-being questionnaire and a food diary designed to help you record everything that you eat and drink for a few days before your appointment.

You will also be emailed a link to a google form which asks for a few contact details (only ever be used by me to contact you about appointments) and that asks you to confirm that you understand who I am and the nature of my service. 


What will happen during your appointment?

I will start by discussing with you the information you provided in your questionnaire and food diary.  I will then recommend changes you could make to your eating patterns and my rationale for suggesting them. We will work together to agree appropriate steps or priorities for changes and you will have plenty of time to ask questions. 

A quick side note about weighing and measuring - many clients who want help with weight management are worried about being asked to stand on the scales or have bits of their body measured. Do not fear the dreaded 'moment of truth' weigh ins that you may have seen on TV or experienced at slimming clubs. I encourage people to judge the progress they are making themselves not based on numbers by instead by things like how they feel, how much energy they have, and by how their clothes are fitting.    

What will happen after your appointment?

I will send you your personalised consultation summary. This will provide you with:
•    a summary of our meeting
•    an action plan for you to follow
•    links if relevant to recipes and food ideas

You may choose to make a follow-up appointment. Many clients find these helpful to check back in and discuss whats gone well and where further change would still be helpful. 

Where will your consultation take place?


Face-to-face appointments are usually in central West Bridgford, but alternative locations, for example, a coffee shop near your place of work, are also possible by arrangement. Appointments take place in a large well-ventilated room and we will be sat approximately two metres apart. In line with the latest government advice I am currently asking those who can, to wear a mask during their appointment.

Alternatively you may like to book a walking appointment. If you would like to meet face-to-face but would prefer to remain outside, I offer appointments walking along the river Trent (starting near Trent Bridge). Strolling at a gentle pace, we remain on mostly flat, wide paths with plenty of benches for an occasional rest if required.  

If you are clinically vulnerable, have limited time or aren't local to Nottingham you could consider a telephone or online appointment. Online appointments can take place via zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime video. With this option you really can be anywhere in the world and previous clients have included individuals from the USA, Europe and the Middle East, as well as those more local.

What aspects of nutrition can an appointment cover?

I work with individuals who want to make changes to any aspect of their nutrition. Many of my clients are looking for advice on sustainable, achievable weight loss while others have a particular health concern such as IBS, diabetes, high cholesterol or arthritis and want to know if changing what they eat can improve their health. I also see individuals who want help optimising their nutrition due to an important life event or situation, this could be something wonderful like being pregnant, something sporty and challenging, such as running a marathon, something natural, like going through the menopause or something unexpected and worrying like surgery or treatment for cancer.       

Would you like a phone conversation before making a booking?

I'm always happy to have a phone conversation to help you decide if i'm the right person for you to book a consultation with. You are welcome to try calling me (9am-6pm) and if i'm not in a consultation, i'll be happy to chat or you can text or email me and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to speak. My number is 07966 390560 and you can email me at 

How much will a consultation cost?

Appointments tend to be 60 minutes in duration but some can be 90-120 minutes depending on the nature of your health concern and the complexity of your medical history. 

An initial consultation costs £50 for 1 hour, £75 for 90-minutes and £100 for 2-hours. Follow-up appointments cost £40 per hour and are available in 15, 30 or 60 minute time slots.


Do you have to pay in advance of an appointment?

I do not ask for payment or a deposit when you book. You will receive an invoice when I send your consultation report and payment is requested by bank transfer within 48 hours of receiving the invoice.


It is my usual policy to charge a fee of £20 for missed appointments or for cancellations with less than 48 hrs notice. However, due to COVID 19 this is not my current practice and I ask that if you have any symptoms of covid or feel generally unwell, please do not attend your appointment. Just let me know that you are no longer able to come and I will be happy to rearrange your appointment free of charge.

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