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Why not book me to run a workshop or seminar?

Whether you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, or want me to suggest content that I think would meet your needs, why not get in touch to discuss how an in-person interactive workshop or an online webinar might be the perfect event for your workplace, sports club or support group.    

I have supported the Nottingham Synchronized Skating Academy (currently British Champions at both Junior and Senior levels) with their sports nutrition for many years. I have run interactive workshops for skaters of all ages and also provide advice on ensuring good nutrition when travelling and competing. If you are involved with a sports group & would like to know more about how nutrition can affect performance, why not get in touch?

I have led workplace well-being seminars in Nottingham, London and online. My seminars are consistently rated as either good or very good and I love to facilitate interactive and enjoyable sessions that provide information in a relevant and accessible format. Would your team enjoy, attempting to identify a selection of 'super-foods' before finding out more about the science behind them and discovering which to avoid and which to add to the shopping list? This is just one of the many sessions I offer that works well in a social or business environment. 

I have previously run interactive sessions at support groups for those affected by a range of different health conditions. If you are part of a support or well-being group and would like someone to run a session tailored to the interests of your specific group do get in touch to find out more.  


Why not get in touch for a chat about the event you are planning. My content is always tailored specifically to the requirements of each event so if you have a specific theme in mind just let me know. I am also happy to provide you with a summary of feedback from attendees at previous seminars. You are welcome to try calling me (9am-6pm) and if I'm not in a consultation, I'll be happy to chat or you can text or email me and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to speak. 

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