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A Nutrition Advisor - I am passionate about the impact that nutrition has on health. I have a masters degree in clinical nutrition from the University of Nottingham and ensure that my advice is always based on sound scientific principles and good quality research evidence. 

A Health Coach - I enjoy meeting and spending time with people, helping individuals to achieve their own goals and aspirations. I do not promote a simplistic uniform approach but work with people to find solutions that work for them.

A Food Lover - I love food, I love cooking and I love long indulgent dinners with family and friends. Eating well doesn't mean missing out. I don't advise a dull restrictive diet regime, but instead help people to develop life long healthy eating habits that are both sustainable and enjoyable. 

A Former Nurse - I have clinical experience of working in hospital and the community, providing care to people with a variety of nutrition related illnesses including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

An Academic Researcher - I have a PhD from the University of Nottingham and with 12 years research experience I am able to understand and critique the latest evidence in order to bring recent developments to my clients and navigate them through the many false reports and unsubstantiated claims that abound in the nutrition and weight loss industries. 

"Thank you Lydia for the support - it really helps. Am so pleased with my progress and for feeling in control again!

Loved our walking appointment - depending on weather lets do again :)"

"Thank you so much it was really helpful today and great to finally understand why certain food affect me. I have downloaded the FODMAPs app and am already making a list of foods I can/can’t eat and will use that when cooking which is great." 

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you, quite genuinely, for the support you have given to me over the past six months. 

After breaking my back last year, I spent six months in bed, on medication and wholly inactive. I became overweight and unfit as a result and needed to address this issue for my health. I had not had issues with weight before and had always been incredibly active: the loss of exercise in my routine affected my physical and mental health. I needed to prioritise the healing of my injury following surgery, the recovery of movement and also weight loss. I had no idea where to start, not least because every diet plan I looked at was heavily reliant on very high levels of animal proteins; I am vegetarian.

Each appointment I have had with you since then has contained at least on 'revelation' for me. You have helped to 'train out' my sweet tooth to the point where my own birthday cake was not overly appealing (unheard of for me!) I have learned about nutrients such as selenium that I had barely heard of previously as well as developing a better understanding of the nutrition my body requires and where this can come from. The en vogue concentration on 'calorie deficit' is replaced by 'calories in, benefits out.' As long as the fuel that goes in is nutritious, balanced and well thought out, I reap the benefits. My skin has always been a problem, and not one I thought would be rectified, but this is now 100% clearer. I have lost three stone in weight but done so healthily. I have been able to regain some fitness and understand what fuel I need to enable me to do this and what I can eat in order to aid recovery from this. 

Overall, the experience of a nutritionist has been genuinely life changing for me, I am so grateful. At the ripe old age of 39 I thought there was nothing I needed to learn about eating, but I have been entirely educated and retrained. I am looking forward to a healthy future and this is in no small part down to you.

Thank you so much".

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