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Information and Advice
Advice and information

Would you like a one-off appointment to discuss any aspect of health and nutrition? 

Email me to book a consultation today.

Appointments are a minimum of 1 hour long and come with a full written report which summarises the advice I have given you during your appointment. 


A 60 minute appointment and report costs £50


Workshops are a informal and relaxed way to find out more about health and nutrition.

Contact me for details of upcoming workshops.

Refreshments and food tasting relevant to the workshop theme are provided free of charge.


Workshop titles include Healthy eating when the fridge is empty and Reducing your sugar consumption without feeling like you are missing out.

Sadly Covid-19 means that I am currently unable to run workshops.

Do you want on-going help in making a significant lifestyle change?

If following an initial appointment you feel additional support and coaching would be helpful, shorter follow-up appointments are also available. 

Follow-up appointments can be booked for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. 

Follow -up appointment are charged at £10 per 15 minutes.

Coaching and Support
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